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What to Expect

Initial Telephone Chat

I know that the first step in seeking support can be the hardest. You want to find a therapist that meets your needs and you feel comfortable working with. To assist you with that first step, I offer a free initial 15 minutes phone chat to see whether we would be a good fit to work together.

Initial Consultation

Following the telephone chat, the initial consultation may last for up to an hour. During the initial consultation we will talk about your main concerns, what you are hoping to gain from the therapy, as well as how could we work together to achieve your personal goals.

Attendance at Sessions

After the first session, consultations are 50 minutes. Attendance is normally weekly unless we have agreed on another arrangement. It is important that you arrive on time as I cannot extend the length of the session.

Cancellations, Lateness and Holidays

Your therapy time is reserved for you. Therefore, late cancellations, less than 48 hours before your appointment are charged at 50%. Less than 24 hours or if you simply do not turn up without notifying me, you will be charged the full rate. If you cannot come to the session and wish to have telephone session instead (at the time of your appointment) this is also possible. If you are late the session will finish at the agreed time, in order to accommodate my next patient.

Your time is as valuable as mine.  

I offer a reciprocal cancellation policy, which means that if I am late to cancel your appointment (less than 48 hours) you will get 50% off the following appointment. Less than 24 hours, your next session is free. If I were ever to be late I would make up the time or reimburse you accordingly. When taking a holiday I will give you plenty of notice and I ask you to do the same.


The cost of private psychological therapists varies depending on a range of factors, including the time, location, and the individual therapist. When you are deciding your budget for therapy you might want to take into account the qualifications of the therapist, their speciality areas, convenience of appointments, number of sessions you are likely to need, and of course how you feel about the therapist and his or her style of therapy. I recommend you not to commit to a long course of therapy before you have met the therapist. It's ok to change your mind after meeting the therapist.


I am a chartered psychologist and qualified CBT therapist. I offer a professional and confidential service in a warm and therapeutic environment. My sessions follow an evidence-based approach, in line with the national guidelines (NICE). I offer early morning and evening appointments, and some spaces on Saturdays to meet busy schedules. 

Self referring clients 

Initial phone chat - Free 


9AM – 4PM appointments - £100

Early morning & evening appointments - £130

Some limited space on Saturdays - £150

* Some reduced session fees are occasionally available for those on low incomes or on benefits.

Do not hesitate to ask for availability.

To secure your first session, I ask you to make a deposit in the value of your therapy session fee which will be used in case of late cancellation, or your last therapy session.


Payments for weekly sessions is requested within 24 hours of the session taking place. 

Clients covered by medical insurance

Initial phone chat - Free 


If you are considering of using your health insurance, please check with your insurance provider for the requirements for accessing therapy through them. The fee for a fifty minute session on weekdays for health insured clients is £130.


Written confirmation will be required before sessions can be booked. Charges to health insurance companies are higher due to the administrative tasks involved. 

I am currently registered with Bupa, Aviva,  VitalityHealth, Cigna Global.

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