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About Me

I am a Chartered Health Psychologist practising in Bristol, working in the mental health field for over 10 years across different settings. These include community (NHS referrals), outpatient clinics, and hospitals. My areas of specialty are adult mental health, with a focus on  anxiety, and adjustment to physical health conditions. 

Professional status

  • HCPC registered Health Psychologist

  • BABCP accredited CBT Therapist

  • BPS chartered member

  • Professional indemnity insurance with Howden


  • Postgraduate diploma in CBT at Exeter university, UK (2017)

  • Doctor of Health Psychology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands (2014)

  • MA in Health Psychology at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel (2007)

  • BA in Behavioral Science at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel (2005)


To keep up to date with the BPS, HCPC and BABCP standards, I undertook the following training:

  • 2023 - CBT for non-epileptic seizures

  • 2022 - How to Assess and Address Mental Contamination

  • 2022 - Quick Steps from Rumination to Problem-solving

  • 2022 - CBT with Dyslexic Clients

  • 2021 - ACT as a Brief Intervention

  • 2021 - ACT for Depression and Anxiety

  • 2020 - ACT for Physical Health Conditions

  • 2019 - Using Values in Therapy

  • 2019 - Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • 2018 - Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • 2018 - Working with Young People and Gambling Addictions

  • 2018 - Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

  • 2018 - Sexuality in the Therapy Room

  • 2018 - Risk and Safeguarding

  • 2018 - Sleep Management

  • 2016 - CBT for Couples

  • 2016 - Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment ("Living Wills")

My research

In my past life I was a very ambitious doctoral student. Some of my academic research on how couples support each other when coping with cancer, has been published in peer-reviewed journals. I love the process of doing research but I have missed the therapeutic work. After obtaining my PhD, I decided to specialize in CBT which includes some of the fun elements of conducting research.

My publications – don’t worry you are not expected to read this: 

  • Response Rates in Studies of Couples Coping with Cancer: A Systematic Review
    Dagan M, and Hagedoorn M.
    Health Psychology (2014). doi: 10.1037/hea0000013


  • The interplay between partners' responsiveness and patients' need for emotional expression in couples coping with cancer
    Dagan M, Sanderman R, Hoff C, Meijerink, W, J, Baas P. C, van Haastert M, and Hagedoorn, M.  
    Journal of Behavioral Medicine, (2013) doi:10.1007/s10865-013-9543-4


  • Spousal Support and Changes in Distress Over Time in Couples Coping with Cancer: The Role of Personal Control
    Dagan, M, Sanderman R, Schokker M. C, Wiggers T, Baas P. C, van Haastert M, and Hagedoorn, M.
    Journal of Family Psychology (2011)  25, 310-318.


  • Marital Satisfaction in Couples Confronted with Colorectal Cancer: The Interplay of Past and Current Spousal Support
    Hagedoorn, M, Dagan, M, Puterman E, DeLongis A, Hoff C, Meijerink W. J. H. J and Sanderman, R.
    Journal of Behavioral Medicine, (2011) 34, 288-297.

My research
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