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MY CLIENTS' EXPERIENCES       Of Therapy for Coping           With Health Conditions 

 - Coping With Health Conditions -

If you are experiencing Health issues this therapy is excellent at helping you to make sense of your situation. Meirav is very skilled in her work and quickly makes your feel at ease and has a friendly professional manner. She helped me to find ways to pace myself and be less critical of myself. It was useful to have a space that was private and where I could offload my problems and work through CBT techniques to give me tools to continue to support me on a day-to-day basis."
                                      - Anonymous, 2020 -

" I have found this experience very helpful. I liked the mixture of techniques used and the practical approach to therapy. If one thing didn’t work so well it was helpful for me to consider why that might be and change approaches if needed. I have learned a lot about how to be my own therapist which is empowering.

I have valued learning about how my thoughts affect how I feel about my chronic health condition and helpful ways to communicate with other healthcare professionals about this.

I am happy I have made this journey and feel much better for it, thank you for helping me with this!"

                                       - Anonymous, 2020 -

"I was experiencing debilitating migraines, that I didn’t realise were so intrinsically linked to stress and anxiety at the time. It has given me a brand-new tool kit to help challenge my internal belief system. I now better understand the things I can do to reduce anxiety and negative patterns of thinking when things get a bit tricky."                             

                                       - Hannah, 2020 - 

Meirav is very experienced and skilled at her work.  For me the therapy was so helpful. It was a space for me to share my frustrations, worries and fears in a safe and non- judgmental way. She supported me to learn new techniques to support myself. She gave me confidence in situations that I had been feeling overwhelmed with. She helped me to accept that my feelings/ responses were normal given the situation I was experiencing.

The therapy helped me to make sense of my illness, review what was important to me in life and to look at how I could ensure that I started to enjoy life more." 
                                   - Anonymous, 2021 -  



Coping with Health Conditions
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