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MY CLIENTS' EXPERIENCES       Of Therapy Online

 - Therapy Online -

From my experience as well as my clients’ experience therapy online is as effective as meeting face-to-face. Please read my client’s experience regarding their online therapy with me.

"I found this experience to be brilliant. Online can be difficult but you are a natural at building relationships over a video call. You never seemed distracted and I appreciate you checking to make sure I am in a quiet, safe environment for each session."
                                      - Ben, 2021 -

"We never had an in-person session and I have never done therapy before, so I don’t have anything to compare with. That said, the online sessions worked well for me. It was nice to be able to share screen and type things up as we went, which would be harder to do in person." 
                                   - C.R.W, 2021 -   

"I was involved in every aspect of my treatment and the pace of the treatment went at a speed that I felt comfortable with. It was very enlightening. Glad I did it."
- Anonymous, 2019 -

"I was apprehensive about going to Zoom sessions at the start of the pandemic as I had only just started working with Meirav. It was important to prepare for the session to make that internet connection was working and I had a private space where I would not be interrupted.

I actually found that the process was fine once we had held a few sessions. It actually was really helpful for time management and obviously no issues of travelling to appointments or finding somewhere to park."
                                    - Anonymous, 2020 -   

"Online work has worked well. It has enabled me to continue sessions in different locations when I otherwise would have had to rearrange sessions. The challenge is that finding a private environment can be tricky occasionally and the internet can be variable depending on location. It was good you had some ways around this e.g., using phone for conversation in addition to video with sound muted."
                                   - Anonymous, 2020 -   


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