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" I had been avoiding therapy, thinking it couldn’t “fix” anything. But now I know that it’s not about “fixing” things. I am not broken. I am now less engaged with the anxiety and depression previously clouding my thinking and preventing me from living my life in the present moment. It was a beautiful experience that has changed my life. That said, I think my incredible experience from the therapy is largely due to the therapist (you) and the method (CBT). I don’t think all therapies would have been effective for me – I think I needed a scientific, goal-oriented method like CBT. I don’t think all CBT therapists would have been effective for me – I think I really needed someone your openness and compassion."

                                           - C.R.W, 2021 -


" This has been one of the most rewarding personal development experiences of my life. I am so grateful that I can look back on the last 12 months and see real personal development, positive change and I feel equipped for the future.

I am glad we were able to form a great therapist/ patience relationship for the first session and you have really helped me to navigate some of the more unexpected hurdles that have come up in the last 6 months. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, and continue to do for those that you work with."

                                           - Ben, 2021 -

"I was extremely afraid to walk outside, see people or even hear sounds. I was also afraid to be outside, in vehicles and even too afraid to come out of the bedroom. It was the most horrible thing to be so fearful of yourself, others and your own home. But trying different techniques and finding the right one that suits me helped me overcome these fears, I can easily say that I feel safe in my own home and I can walk around town with confidence now."

                                            - T.T 2020 -

"I came because I felt external pressure to change something that I feared changing;  I learned that I didn’t have to fear change, that I could change to the degree I was comfortable with, and not more;  in losing the fear I was able to change by a manageable amount, it didn’t have to be total.  Gradually I may be able to go further, as I have learned how to do it myself."

                                  - Anonymous, 2019 -

"I have found the therapy for OCD really helpful. I have found Meirav’s methodical and logical response to therapy (it is evidence- and exercise- led with clear stages) very thorough at teaching me how OCD works and what keeps it going. I have suffered from OCD for most of my life and never had therapy for it so I think it has been helpful to get to the root of the beliefs that I hold that lead to compulsions rather than going straight to models / exercises but actually challenging what I believe about myself and the world around me."

                                              - N.R, 2019 -

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